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  1. questionHow many email addresses do I get with a subscription to High Speed Internet?
    You are allowed up to 5 email addresses with your Internet subscription. If you need to add/subtract any of the email addresses associated with your account, please contact Customer Service at 800-CABLE 77.
  2. questionWhat are the minimum computer requirements for Blue Ridge High Speed Internet?
    CPU Windows: 95 or higher: 486/33MHz (pentium 50MHz preferred) Windows XP: 233MHz or faster (300MHz preferred) Macintosh: Performa 6xxx/33 (PowerPC preferred) RAM Windows: 8MB (16MB preferred) Windows XP: 64MB (128MB preferred) Macintosh: 8MB (16MB preferred) OPERATING SYSTEM Windows: 95 or high ...
  3. questionHow do I check my email when I am away from home?
    1. Log onto www.brctv.com 2. On the homepage, click on the Check Your Email button located in the Quick Links section 3. Enter your username and password
  4. questionI have your internet service and would like to create a personal web page. How can I do this?
    Go to our www.ptd.net and then click on customer support, personal storage space and webpage set up. Also tech support is open 24 hours a day at 1800-804-5783 and can help you out over the phone setting this up.
  5. questionI have internet service and I am traveling and would like access to the internet with my laptop, what can I do?
    Our internet service comes with access to local “hot spots.” Go to prologunleashed.com to find out more about what a hotspot is, how to connect and where the locations are.
  6. questionWhat are the incoming and outgoing smtp servers for my email?
    promail.ptd.net is used for both the incoming and outgoing server.
  7. questionHow do I set up my email in outlook?
    1. You can either go directly to the internet departments’ website at www.ptd.net and then click on customer support, then email and How_to_set_up_your_E-mail_software_to_use_SMTP_Authentication. 2. Or call tech support for the internet service 24 hours a day at 1-800-804-5783.
  8. questionCan I buy an ethernet card from Blue Ridge?
    Yes, Blue Ridge offers ethernet cards for purchase at $14.95 + tax each.
  9. questionIs High Speed Internet secure?
    Just as with phone access, special encryption and security features can be implemented in the cable modem world to provide secure high-speed access to either the Internet or an office network. The baseline privacy requirement of the DOCSIS standard provides 56-bit DES encrypted data transactions ...
  10. questionHow is a cable modem so fast?
    The use of radio frequencies (RF) and Ethernet networking is the basis for your cable modem's high-speed connection. When you connect to a network, the cable modem exchanges many small packets of information. When others are connected to the same network, a system is needed to ensure that the pa ...
  11. questionCan I still watch TV if I'm on the computer?
    You bet. If you decided to watch King Kong on channel 10, the news will continue to play on channel 7. If you have a second TV, you can watch King Kong and the news. The cable modem acts like a second TV, only it tunes-in channels that have been set aside specifically for network communication. ...
  12. questionWill DOCSIS specification work?
    The computer industry has been plagued by compatibility issues, that is, making sure that the products created by one company work with those created by another. When the good folks at Multimedia Cable Network Systems (MCNS) and Cable Television Laboratories, Inc. (CableLabs) decided to provide ...
  13. questionWill Blue Ridge run lines for my additional PCs?
    Blue Ridge does not do any networking of PC’s. You do have the option of purchasing our modem/router or you can go to Staples, or Best Buy and purchase a router/hub. By hooking it up to the modem you’ll be able to use up to 4 additional computers in your home.
  14. questionWhat is involved in installing cable modem access? Does it use existing cable hook up?
    If necessary, our professional installers will run a new cable to your home, install a special splitter and run a new line to the computer. The installer will then install the modem and connect it to your computer. Before they leave they will make sure the computer connects to the Internet and t ...
  15. questionWill I incur any cancellation fees from PTD if I move from dial up to Cable Modem access?
    No. PTD will not penalize you for upgrading to a cable modem.
  16. questionWill I be able to split the Cable Modem connection between two computers (w/additional hardware)?
    Our professional installers will connect one computer to the cable modem. However, customers are allowed to connect up to 4 additional computers to the modem. Additional equipment is required and is available at your local computer store. We are not able to troubleshoot home network problems. *B ...
  17. questionWill I be able to keep my current email address when changing from dial up to cable modem?
    If you currently have a PenTeleData Dial Up account or a web based e-mail address (Hotmail,Yahoo mail, etc) you will be able to keep your current address. All other customers will need a new address from PenTeleData or you can always use a web based e-mail service.
  18. questionWhat is a cable modem network?
    A cable modem network is the interconnection of many users using a cable television (CATV) network. Each user's personal computer uses an Ethernet card to connect with a cable modem. The modem is then connected to a cable television outlet using a standard coaxial cable. On the street, the cable ...